Payroll Essentials

Specialized training for some employee positions is difficult and time consuming.

That’s why MWG Employer Services has teamed with Holmes Community College Workforce Development to provide training classes for payroll administration and human resources.

These one-day classes, held from 8:00 a.m. – 5 p.m, teach the basics by providing an understanding of duties and responsibilities, rules and regulations, and best practices.

Class offered on these dates: February 7, 2017; March 8, 2017; April 12, 2017; May 17, 2017; and June 13, 2017.

Registration is through MWG Employer Services:

 Payroll Essentials Training Schedule includes:
  • Time Keeping Requirements / Hours Worked
  • Minimum Wage / Piece Rate
  • Overtime Calculations / Regular Rate of Pay
  • Exempt vs Non Exempt / Salary Basis Requirement
  • Exempt vs Non Exempt / Salary Basis Requirement         
  • Payroll Taxes     
  • Unemployment & Workers' Compensation        
  • Voluntary Deductions / Section 125 Plans
  • Wage Garnishments / Support Orders
  • Sick and Vacation Time
  • Unpaid Leave 


Each class will include an exam with certificates of completion to be awarded.