Courtyard is added plus at the Grenada Campus

The Grenada Campus has completed their courtyard addition to the outdoor space next to the Campus Grill.

The courtyard will now provide a place for students and faculty to go to enjoy the outdoor air during their down time. The empty space has been there since the buildings were built in the 1980s. Dr. Michelle Burney, Vice President of the Grenada Campus, wanted to make use of the space in a productive way.

"We wanted to do something creative with the dead space in the heart of the campus, and this idea provided several solutions to things our campus needed," said Burney.

The outdoor space is full covered with a custom wood ceiling pavilion supported by western cedar beams. The outdoor space is well lit with recessed lighting. The landscaping and other elements, such as iron picnic tables, really make the once dull grassy spot a lavish place to be on a beautiful day.

No matter what the weather, the area can be used because they have fans on warm days, and the area is well isolated to provide a cozy place out of the winter winds.