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The Theatre Department has been on the move for the last few years. Although Holmes CC has been producing plays through the Holme-Towne Players (the Holmes CC drama club) for years, we have broadened our mission in the last few years to take theatre performances throughout our district. We offer a range of drama classes, ranging from acting to technical theatre, rotating them so that each semester the students are exposed to another segment of the world of theatre.


Career Choices

Finding a career after college is not as hard as one may think. Take a look at what's available nationwide.

The Theatre Resource
Theatre Resource is a valuable site with numerous cateogires such as training institutions, theatre consultants, suppliers and vendors, and more.  Job seekers will want to see "Theatre Jobs" and "For Actors, Directors, and Playwrights" to find links to other sites.

Speech Language & Hearing (After College)
Learn more about the field of Speech Language & Hearing, explore new jobs, and jumpstart your career.

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Testimonial 1

Holmes has such a friendly atmosphere, I love the faculty and how close I am to home. Holmes has been perfect for me, I truly cannot imagine being anywhere else right now.

Tiffany Strain, Madison

Courses We Teach

SPT 1113 - Public Speaking I (Corequisite: ENG 1113 or appropriate placement score for ENG 1113).
Study and practice in making speeches for a variety of public forums. Major emphasis is placed on effective speech preparation and delivery. Three lectures. Three hours credit.
SPT 1123 - Public Speaking II. (Prerequisite: SPT 1113).
A continuation in the study of public speaking with an emphasis on research, organization and delivery techniques. Three lectures. Three hours credit.
SPT 1131, 1141, 2111, 2121 - Forensics I, II, III, IV (Prerequisite: SPT 1113).
An activity course which includes: public speaking, oral interpretation and debate. Students participate in intercollegiate or community forensic contests and debate tournaments. One hour credit.
SPT 1153 - Voice, Diction, and Phonetics.
A study of the International Phonetic Alphabet and training in the phonetic transcription of speech for improvement of voice and diction. Includes physical characteristics and production of sounds in American English, auditory training, articulation and standard pronunciations, and voice production.  Three lectures.  Three hours credit.
SPT 1163 - Argumentation and Debate. (Prerequisite: SPT 1113).
The study and application of basic argumentative techniques; integration of speech techniques through class debates. Three lectures. Three hours credit.
SPT 1213 - Fundamentals of Theatre Production (Co-requisite: SPT 1241, 1251, 2241, or 2251).
A basic course in management of theatre arts to provide the student with the general knowledge of the collaborative process of mounting and marketing a theatrical production. Concurrent enrollment in Drama Production is required. Three lectures. Three hours credit.
SPT 1233 - Acting I.
An introduction to the training of the voice, body, and imagination as the foundations of the work of an actor through the study of acting theory, vocabulary, theatrical games, monologue, and scene work. Three lectures. Three hours credit.
SPT 1241, 1251, 2241, 2251 - Drama Production I, II, III, IV.
Participation in college drama productions. One hour credit.
SPT 1273 - Theatrical Makeup.
Techniques in the application of makeup for the stage.  Three lectures.  Three hours credit.
SPT 2223 - Stagecraft (Co-requisite: SPT 1241, 1251, 2241, or 2251).
An introduction to all technical elements of production design and operation. Concurrent enrollment in Drama Production is required. Three lectures. Three hours credit.
SPT 2233 - Theatre Appreciation.
An introduction of the cultural, historical, and social aspects of drama. Class content provides an appreciation of theatre and performance art to develop audience standards through demonstration of the unique characteristic of theatre. Fine arts elective. Three lectures. Three hours credit.