Department of Natural Sciences

Dental Schools may require a baccalaureate degree for admission but no prescribed course of study is stipulated. The curriculum below is a suggested guide which leads to an Associate of Arts Degree, but it does not lead to a four-year degree in dentistry. Students should consult their chosen transfer university to select a four-year degree. Additionally, UMMC is the sole Mississippi provider for a professional degree in dentistry.

First Year

First Semester Second Semester
English Composition I ENG 1113 English Composition II ENG 1123
College Algebra MAT 1313 Trigonometry MAT 1323
General Chemistry I CHE 1213 General Chemistry II CHE 1223
General Chemistry Lab I CHE 1211 General Chemistry Lab II CHE 1221
General Biology I BIO 1134 General Biology II BIO 1144
Fine Arts Elective 3 Public Speaking I SPT 1113
Total 17 Hours Total 17 Hours

Second Year

First Semester Second Semester
Organic Chemistry I CHE 2424 Organic Chemistry II CHE 2434
General Physics I PHY 2414 General Physics II PHY 2424
General Psychology I PSY 1513 Statistics MAT 2323
Humanities Elective 3 Humanities Elective 3
    Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3
Total 14 Hours Total 17 Hours

Consult with your chosen transfer college to determine changes to this curriculum.

The University of Mississippi Medical Center has indicated that On-Line Courses and Correspondence Courses are not accepted for their program's required courses.