Residency Requirements

If born outside the United States*, graduated from a high school outside Mississippi, attended a college outside Mississippi or report an out-of-state address you must prove Mississippi residency.

* Green card holders are eligible for in-state tuition (must provide a copy of green card along with approved documentation below)

* Visa holders are not eligible to for in-state tuition (Holmes accepts H-4 and R-2 visa holders only)

  • If 21 years of age and older provide two forms of approved documentation.
  • If under 21 years of age, residency is determined by the parental/guardian residence.
    • Provide two forms of approved documentation for the same parent.
    • The student may be asked to provide a copy of the birth certificate that shows the parent and student name.
    • The student must provide guardianship documents issued by a MS court or the MS Dept of Human Services if claiming the residency status of a legal guardian.
    • Independent students must provide two forms of approved documentation indicating residency, and provide documentation proving their independence from parents or guardian.
      • a marriage license serves as an emancipation document
      • emancipation documents issued by the courts

Residency Documentation Deadlines

Two of the following items must be provided showing the name and address of the student, parent, and/or spouse proving residency. These items must be received in the Admissions Office by the following deadlines to avoid out-of-state fees:

  • The deadline to clarify residency and have your fees removed for the fall or spring term is 15 working days after final exams end.
  • The deadline to clarify residency and have your fees removed for the summer term is 5 working days after final exams end. 

List of Approved Residency Documentation

PLEASE NOTE: All documentation must PRE-DATE the first day of the term and be current. For example, a utility bill must be for the month prior to the beginning month of the term.

  1. State issued ID (MS Driver's License or MS photo ID)
  2. Mortgage statement (for the month prior to the first day of the term)
  3. Mississippi resident individual income tax return
  4. MS voter registration card
  5. Receipt from the purchase/renewal of MS license plate for vehicle
  6. Employment documents (W-2 or paystub showing name, address, & MS taxes withheld)
  7. Lease agreement (signed by lessor and lessee)
  8. Utility bills (with service address - must be for the month prior to the beginning month of the term)
  •    electric bill
  •    water bill
  •    gas bill
  •    land-line phone/internet/cable/satellite bill with service address

Any documentation in the name of a spouse must include the marriage license to tie the student to the spouse. If documentation is in the name of a parent, a birth certificate or court order of general guardianship must be used to tie the student to the parent.

PLEASE NOTE: Both documents must be for the same person (i.e. same parent, or both documents for the spouse).

The following common documents are not approved for residency purposes:  warranty deed, bank statements, insurance statements/proof of insurance, property taxes, credit card statements, and federal tax returns.

If you are unable to prove residency above, there are a few special cases listed below.  Please contact your admissions representative concerning one of the special cases below, if applicable:

Special Cases include, but are not limited to:  MPACT beneficiary, military, military dependents, veterans

If you have valid documentation to prove Mississippi residency, you may send it to the representative listed at the "Contact Us" link at the upper right by:

  • emailing a scanned image or picture of the documents
  • mailing the documents
  • faxing the documents (faxing MS drivers license or MS photo ID is not advised)