Graduation Contacts

Who to contact concerning ...
  • Degree Evaluations
  • Graduation Applications for AA (Associate of Arts) Degrees
  • Graduation Applications for AAS (Associate of Applied Science) Degrees
Contact: Lilly Austin
Academic Programs Office
Email: laustin@holmescc.edu
Phone: (662) 472-9146

Who to contact concerning ...
  • Graduation Applications for 1-Year Certificate Programs
  • Graduation Applications for 2-Year Certificate Programs
Contact: Patti Koonz
Career-Technical Programs Office
Email: pkoonz@holmescc.edu
Phone: (662) 472-9402

Who to contact concerning ...
  • Diploma or Certificates
  • Graduation Ceremony
Contact: Brenda Melton
Records Office
Email: bmelton@holmescc.edu
Phone: (662) 472-9020

Who to contact concerning ...
  • Cap and Gown
  • Graduation Fees
Contact: Kala Moody
Business Office
Email: kmoody@holmescc.edu
Phone: (662) 472-9037


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