Foreign-born Students

Holmes Community College does NOT provide INS documentation for student visas and does not provide any other INS documentation to students with other types of visas. Documentation of legal status must be provided prior to registration for students who are born outside of the United States and/or who graduated from a high school outside the United States. Official translations and evaluations of foreign transcripts by an approved agency are required for all foreign-born students at the student's expense. For a list of approved agencies, contact the Director of Admissions and Records, P.O. Box 398, Goodman, MS 39079. The translation and evaluation must be mailed directly to Holmes Community College from the approved evaluation service. All requirements for admission to Holmes Community College shall be met within the first one-fourth of the semester of initial enrollment. Failure to provide official documentation within that period shall result in the student being administratively withdrawn, changed to audit, and/or placed on admissions hold.