How do I submit my ACT scores to Holmes?

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The following information is required to enter ACT scores:

  • the ACT scores must be printed (not hand-written) on the appropriate document
  • STATE, DANTES, or NATIONAL scores accepted *
  • there must be a clear, well-defined test date
  • the student's name must appear on the document

The following are acceptable documents from which ACT scores may be entered: **

  • official ACT score report (opened or unopened)
  • web copy of ACT score report (printer-friendly version from
    • must include Holmes ID number or birth month/day
  • official high school transcript
  • unofficial high school transcript (including faxed copies)
  • direct correspondence from ACT (individual report /tape load/cd) ***

The following are acceptable delivery methods of ACT scores:

  • hand-delivery
  • fax
  • email (scanning an image, screenshot, or photo)
  • US Postal Service
  • directly from ACT ***

* All scores on a high school transcript meet this requirement
** ACT scores are typically not included on college transcripts
*** ACT charges a fee to send scores that were not originally requested

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