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Grenada Campus

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The Grenada Campus is located on approximately 14 acres near picturesque Grenada Lake and is positioned on I-55 between Memphis, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi. The center has been fully operational since 1985 and affords opportunities for academic and cultural enrichment and vocational expansion to meet the demands of the surrounding area.

The Grenada Campus offers a wide range of high quality technical programs, academic courses parallel to the first two years at a university, and workforce training. The center further serves as a meeting place for a variety of educational type workshops, seminars, and conferences. The Corey Forum, with a seating capacity of over five hundred, provides a venue for the Grenada Arts Partnership and a conference site for numerous groups.

Since 2008, the Grenada Campus has partnered with the University of Mississippi Division of Outreach to offer selected undergraduate and graduate degree programs onsite with plans for future expansion.