SkillsUSA Scholarships

PDF  Scholarship Application

Scholarships may be awarded to 1st place district and/or state SkillsUSA contest winners in specific Career/Technical areas of individual competition or in team competition that is discipline-specific. These scholarships are valid for Holmes Career/Technial programs that participate in SkillsUSA on their campus. Recipients must enter the Holmes CTE program within 15 months of their high school graduation date. Recipients who maintain a 2.5 cumulative quality point average may receive the award for four consecutive semesters.

Current Holmes CTE students who win 1st place in district and/or state SkillsUSA individual competition may receive the scholarship for the remaining required semesters of program enrollment, including summer semester for certain programs, for a maximum of three consecutive semesters if they maintain a 2.5 cumulative quality point average.

The award, equal to the amount of full tuition per semester, may be applied to tuition, room and board, or any other expenses incurred by a full-time student. Students eligible for the SkillsUSA scholarship are also eligible for other scholarships, such as athletics, music, drama, valedictorian/salutatorian awards, etc. up to but not exceeding the published cost of attending Holmes CC. The deadline for submitting applications for new students is May 1.