Housing gives instructions to students on dormitory waiting list

Students on the waiting list will be contacted should any space become available before classes begin. After classes start, assignments will be made on a first come, first serve basis to students with 15 or more hours, should any spaces become open.

If you have submitted a housing application for the Fall 2014 semester and have not received confirmation from the Student Housing Office that you have been assigned to a room, then you are currently on the waiting list for one.

Scholarship students, which include both athletes (football, baseball, basketball, etc.) and performance students (choir, band, Dazzlers, etc.), who have submitted online applications, have been or will be assigned to designated dormitories per requirement to live on campus.

Students who are on the current waiting list will not be considered for a room assignment until they have enrolled in at least 15 or more hours for the Fall semester. The schedule must be entered into our computer system.

It is then the student’s responsibility to contact the Student Housing Office by e-mail at tfancher@holmescc.edu to confirm that a schedule has been completed. At that time, the Director of Student Housing will inform the student of room availability and confirm assignment to a room.

There are currently many students, both male and female, on the waiting lists for rooms that are not currently enrolled. Assignments will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis dependent upon the student contacting the Student Housing Office. Space is very limited.