Academic Awards and Honors Banquets held at all locations

The Goodman Campus, Grenada Center and the Ridgeland Campus recently held their Academic Awards and Honors Banquets at their locations recognizing students and faculty for success during this school year.

Goodman Campus
Academic Awards

Hall of Fame
Taylor Cain Bishop, Brett-Tyler Christensen, Connor R. Edwards, Kaitlyn Leigh Howell, Andrew Thomas Lobell, Javaris V. Purnell, Kelli Savannah Wammack


Business and Office Technology Award
Barbara Darlene Tew

Architectural Engineering Award
Robert M. Holleman

Industrial Technology Award
Trey Ferrell

Automotive Technology Award
Rodney S. Pinkard

Collision Repair Technology Award
Johnathon Chase Halderman

Heating and Air Conditioning Technology Award
Michael D. Ward

Welding Award
Andrew Timothy Gibson

Cosmetology Award
Marquisha Nelson

Practical Nursing Award
Shateadria S. Malone

Business Administration Award
Katherine Melissa Pennington

English Composition Award
Jodi M. Crowson

Creative Writing Award
Casey Olivia Sanders

Literature Award
Andrew Thomas Lobell

Foreign Language Award
Sarah Hope Bane

W. Y. Sudduth History and Political Science Award
Jonathan Gordon Jamison

Social and Behavioral Science Award
Andrew Thomas Lobell

Dazzler Award
Brianna Donielle Foster

Band Award
George Edward Wilson

Percussion Groups Award
Casey Olivia Sanders

Music Major Award
Billy N. Overton

Choral Music Award-Choir
George Edward Wilson

Choral Music Award-Connection
Jon Edward Duncan

Bill Watkins Visual Arts Award
Ebony Nicole Lumas

Biological Science Award
Olivia Grace Bane

Physical Science Award
Javaris V. Purnell

Michael Klauk Award
Lily Fran McCrory

Mathematics Award
Taylor Cain Bishop

Engineering Award
Aaron Kelly Hale

Holmes Plus Award
Aaron Kelly Hale
Taylor Cain Bishop
Connor Edwards

Ambassador Award
Amber N. Harmon

Student Government Association Award
Glenda D. Gilmer

Phi Theta Kappa-Order of the Golden Key
Andrew Thomas Lobell

Phi Theta Kappa All MS Academic Second Team
Andrew Thomas Lobell

PTK Officers
Taylor Cain Bishop
Connor R. Edwards
Kaitlyn Leigh Howell
Andrew Thomas Lobell
Caitlin L. Morgan

PTK 20 Year Service Award
Billy Wilson

Marilyn Burrell Memorial Award
Amber N. Harmon

Christine Herron Achievement Award
Javaris V. Purnell

Deans and Directors Award
Beverly Love

Sally Wilson Distinguished Educator Award
Dr. Donna Banks

Grenada Center
Academic Awards

Associate Degree Nursing (Day)
Kayla Amason

Associate Degree Nursing (Evening)
Melanie Taylor

Business Administration
Timothy Pearson

Computer Science
Rosemarie Jaggai

Jordan Rutland

Fine Arts
Susie Tingle

Jonathon M. Golden

Elizabeth Hargrove

Jennifer Bishop

Heath and Physical Education
Colin Boone

Social Science
Julie Coleman

Robert Steven Shinall

Lyndsey Flynn

Speech and Theatre
Cesley Ross

Business and Office Technology
Samantha Ward

Information Systems Technology
Jimmy Alvin Lee

Heating, Ventilation, AC & Refrigeration Technology
Jeremy McCormick

Engineering Technology
Kristopher Wilbanks

Terry King

Forestry and Conservation Law Enforcement Technology
Jordi Card

Maintenance Technology
Mitch Barrentine

Precision Machining Technology
Russell Cox

Practical Nursing
Jennifer Turner

Surgical Technology
Mary Stokes

Hall of Fame

Colin Boone, Skye Little, Kayla McNamee, Julia Badillo, Bryce Matthews,  Sunni Willis, Rachael Pepper

Ridgeland Campus
Academic Awards

Business Administration
Samuel Monistere

Connor Brown

English Composition
Cole Hillman

Public Speaking
Crosby Hart

Michael Phuc Nguyen

History and Political Science
Tyler James

Social and Behavioral Science
Christina Bracey

Criminal Justice
Lauren Gabrielle Cantrell

Biological Science
Elena Pope

Physical Science
John-Michael Stribling

Associate Degree Nursing
Heather Roberts

Austin Marascalco

Fine Arts
Bismah Hasan

Computer Information Systems Technology
Joshua Johnson

Engineering Technology
Calvin Brown

Business and Office Technology
Victoria Bullock

Funeral Services Technology
Lori Banes

Occupational Therapy Assistant Technology
Veronica Boyd

Occupational Therapy Assistant Technology
Jessica Jones

Paralegal Technology
Melissa Valentine

Practical Nursing
Elizabeth Carol Randle

Emergency Medical Technology
Cory Johnson

Industrial Maintenance Technology
Garrett McBeth

Hall of Fame
Cierra Bracey, Augusta Clausel, Haley Crenshaw, Katelyn Hardy, Ryan Harris, Shelby Huff, Tyler James, Alexis Lee, Matthew Spencer,
Abbey Winstead