Creative Writing Contest winners announced at all locations

Creative Writing Contest winners have recently been announced from each of the main locations of Holmes Community College.

Ridgeland Campus winners included: short story, first place, Kristin Holloway for “Cucumber Sandwiches”; short story, second place, Tiffany Johnston for “A Time for Everything”; and third place, Wesley Hartfield for “The Stargazer”; essay, first place,  Rachael Packer for “Confessions of an Underdog”; essay second place, Katie Noble for “A French Adventure”; and third place, Wesley Hartfield for “Stepping Stones”; literary essay, first place, Bailey Germata for “Colonial Huswifery”; poetry, first place, Kristin Holloway for “Purging”; poetry, second place, Selby Lilley for “Doll”; and poetry, third place, Glenneasha Brown for “Bones on Fire”; and drama, first place, Christina O’Cain for “While You Were Asleep.”

Grenada Center winners included: poetry, first place, Bridgette Fly for “Under the Desk Lamp”; second place, Mark McClain for “Viral Alphabet”; poetry, third place, Kayla M. Carter for “Mindset of a Mother”; personal essay, first place, Courtney E. Moore for “When Pigs Fly”; personal essay, second place, Kevin Bishop for “MVP”; personal essay, third place, Nguyen Walker for “Love Never Lived Here”; personal essay, honorable mention, Mason Evans for “A Message That Requires No Postage,” Staci Knight for “Remembering Sara Britt,” and Jennifer Overbey for “Lost Time”; short story, first place, Mason E. Doss for “All is Fair”; short story, second place, Kayla M. Carter for “Preacher’s Daughter”; short story, Bridgette Fly for “Winston’s Penny”; drama, first place, Kayla M. Carter for “Birmingham Blue”; literary essay, first place, Stephanie Messer for “Enlightenment Thinking in Pope’s Essay on Man and Moliere’s Tartuffe.”

Goodman Campus winners included: poetry, first place, Cody Carter for “Entropy”; poetry, second place, C. Olivia Sanders for “Love and All Things Considered”; and poetry, third place, G. Eddie Wilson for “Unfortunate Endings”; personal essay, first place, Brett Whitlock for “Bag Full of Sunshine”; personal essay, Alexandria Paton for “A Sleepless Family Vacation”; and personal essay, third place, Kenneth Washington for “Soothing Sensation”; short story, first place, and additional award recipients James Meredith and Kathryn Stockett received the Richard Wright Literary Excellence Award while Tate Taylor received the Horton Foote Award for Special Achievement in Screenwriting.

Brett-Tyler Christensen for “It’s What I Love About Sundays”; and short story, second place, C. Olivia Sanders for “Human Equation”; and critical literary essay, first place, Andrew Lobell for “Raleigh’s Response to Marlowe and Pastoral Tradition.”