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A “proctored exam” is an exam in which you must come to a testing center where a person checks your identity and then allows you to take the exam under supervision.

: All Holmes-provided courses will require at least two proctored exams, with one of these being the Final Exam. All hosted courses will also require proctored exams. Proctored exams may be in the form of computerized Canvas tests or paper tests. It is the student's responsibility to make an appointment with an official testing center.
  • Check each course's information to determine the testing dates. The schedule will not prevent you from signing up for a proctored test outside your test dates.

  • To schedule your proctored test at one of the four Holmes locations, click Online Proctored Test schedule
  • To schedule a proctored test appointment at a different MSVCC testing center check the listing of contacts throughout the state.Testing centers have specific days and times for testing

  • The ONLY exceptions for not using an official testing center as listed by the MSVCC are:
    1. If you live out of state, you must contact the eLearning office for instructions. Students must pay any required fee for out of state testing.
    2. If you are disabled (official disability documentation must be provided) to the point that it is not physically possible for you to make it to a testing center.
◊ If all appointment times are full for the campus you are interested in, you should email the proctor for possible walk-in appointment times.
If you are in the Starkville/Golden Triangle Area you have the option of going to a testing site at Mississippi State University. This site charges a fee for testing. For more information check out the MSU Distance Exam Proctoring Procedure information page.



Here is a list of all proctors statewide, as well as detailed instructions and hours of operation for each site including Holmes.