Speech — Program of Study

First Year

First Semester Second Semester
English Composition I ENG 1113 English Composition II ENG 1123
College Algebra MAT 1313 Public Speaking I SPT 1113
**Fine Arts Elective 3 General Psychology I PSY 1513
*Elective 3 Computer Applications I CSC 1123
***History Elective (continuous) 3 ***History Elective (continuous) 3
Total 15 Hours Total 15 Hours

Second Year
First Semester Second Semester
Physical Science Survey 4 General Biology I BIO 1134
Introduction to Sociology I SOC 2113 *Fine Arts Elective 3
Literature Elective (continuous) 3 Literature Elective (continuous) 3
Foreign Language (continuous) 3 Foreign Language (continuous) 3
Voice, Diction, and Phonetics SPT 1153 ****Special Elective 3
Total 16 Hours Total 16 Hours

*Consult with your chosen transfer university to determine changes to this curriculum.
**ART 1113, MUS 1113, or SPT 2233
***HIS 1113 & HIS 1123 Western Civilization I, II or HIS 1163 & HIS 1173 World Civilization I, II
****Choose from the following categories of electives: ENG, SPT, or CSC
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