Speech & Theatre

Dr. Amy Wolgamott, Department Chair
Madison Hall - Office 104C
Ridgeland Campus

The Theatre Department has been on the move for the last few years. Although Holmes CC has been producing plays through the Holme-Towne Players (the Holmes CC drama club) for years, we have broadened our mission in the last few years to take theatre performances throughout our district.

We offer a range of drama classes, ranging from acting to technical theatre, rotating them so that each semester the students are exposed to another segment of the world of theatre.

Each August, the department holds a summer drama camp and conducts workshops to help prepare our core acting group for fall productions. This is when we start rehearsing our children’s theatre touring show.

If you know of a student who may have an interest in theatre, and they might be considering Holmes Community College, here are some things that you need to know.

  1. We do have an exciting theatre program at Holmes.
  2. Scholarships are available for those who qualify.
  3. We (the Holme Town Players) produce one Main stage play each semester.
  4. We have a summer camp that will meet in August to put together our children’s theatre touring show. At this time students may check into their dorms early and become familiar with the campus before classes begin.
  5. The players usually go to a theatre convention in the fall to see performances that other colleges have produced and to have the opportunity to meet with people from 4-year schools.
  6. We also compete in the Theatre for Youth Festival at the MTA convention
  7. We have a state-of-the-art lighting system and a scene shop if you are interested in the technical part of theatre.

Students interested in becoming part of the drama program at Holmes Community College should contact me to set up an appointment to discuss their future.