Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

Health Smart ...

Ryan Beggs, Department Chair
Baseball Field House - Office E
Goodman Campus

Welcome to the home page of Holmes Community College’s Physical Education Department! The Physical Education Department is committed to providing leadership in the fields of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Embracing Exercise, Health, Nutrition and Leisure, faculty members provide students with innovative and relevant educational “Health Smart” experiences. The student combines General Education, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Activity course work to complete the program of study during his/her two-year study at Holmes CC.

Holmes CC’s Physical Education Department provides students with a basic understanding of the science behind physical fitness, and enables students to implement effective fitness programs relevant to lifetime activity that leads to life style changes through choice.

The Department provides students with a basic preparation to help meet challenges within the Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Sport profession. For students completing the course work, opportunities are numerous.