Pre-Core Studies

Stephanie C. Diffey, Department Chair
Computer Technology Building, Office B
Goodman Campus
P.O. Box 369
Goodman, MS 39079

662.472.9101 — phone
662.472.0017 — fax

The Pre-Core Studies (PCS) Department at Holmes Community College (Holmes CC) prepares students for academic success in college-level courses through pre-core content areas of mathematics, writing, and/or reading.

Holmes Community College strives to achieve this mission by committing to the following goals:

  • Develop the skills and attitudes essential for undergraduates to obtain academic, career, and life goals;
  • Ensure proper placement by assessing each undergraduate’s level of preparedness for college coursework;
  • Maintain academic standards by empowering undergraduates to attain competencies necessary for college coursework;
  • Enhance the retention of undergraduates;
  • Encourage and train highly qualified, student-centered instructors to utilize various teaching strategies;
  • Provide undergraduates with tutoring, placement testing services and computer-aided instruction;
  • Maintain high expectations of undergraduates in their involvement of academic success.

The Holmes CC Pre-Core Studies Department embraces the motto of the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) “Helping under-prepared students prepare, prepared students advance, and advanced students excel.” Therefore, Pre-Core Studies instructors are actively involved in the Mississippi Association for Developmental Education (MADE) to continue seeking the best opportunities for promoting success among Holmes CC Pre-Core Studies students.