Natural Sciences - Career Choices

Many career paths are possible with degrees in the Natural Sciencess . After completing the tenure at Holmes students go on to universities, graduate school, medical school, dental school, or veterinary school. Completion of the first two years at Holmes prepares students for transfer to a School of Pharmacy or to a School of Allied Health Sciences.

Other career opportunities include work with government agencies or with private industry. Careful and continual advising ensures that each student takes the appropriate courses for the chosen career path. Additionally, the Natural Sciences Department hosts a Professional School Seminar in the fall semester and in the spring semester, to accommodate the students with majors in the Pre-Professional Health curriculum.

The department currently is conducting mock interviews for the applicant that desires practice before their actual interview at Professional School.

Please use our links to assist you as you peruse career opportunities.


Dr. Barry Campbell, Chair
Division of Biological and Physical Sciences
Box 3262
Delta State University
Cleveland, MS 38733
FAX: 662-846-4798

Ryan Upshaw, Assistant Dean for Student Services
The University of Mississippi School of Engineering
Brevard Hall, Room 214

Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries
Daniel Drennen

Dr. Peter Sukanek
Director, Mississippi Space Grant Consortium
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Mississippi
134 Anderson
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677-1848
(662) 915-7023
(662) 915-7023 Fax

Ms. Margaret Schaff
Project Coordinator
Office of Research
University of Mississippi
308 Vardaman
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677
(662) 915-1187
(662) 915-3927 Fax

University of Mississippi Geoinformatics Center
Dr. Gregory L. Easson
Phone: +1 662 915-5995
Office: 110 Brevard Hall
Email: geasson@olemiss.edu
Jamie Whitten
National Center for Physical Acoustics,
The University of Mississippi,
1 Coliseum Drive,
University, MS-38677
Telephone: 662-915-5889
Fax: 662-915-7494
Email: ncpa@olemiss.edu

Center for Research in Indian Systems of Medicine
Prof. Ikhlas A. Khan
Director (FDA Program)
Asst. Director NCNPR
Research Professor and Professor,
Department of Pharmacognosy
NCNPR, School of Pharmacy,
University of Mississippi, MS 38677, USA
Phone: 662 915 7821
Fax: 662 915 7989
Email: ikhan@olemiss.edu

Dr. Larry A. Walker
Director, NCNPR
Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
and Professor of Pharmacology, School of Pharmacy
University of Mississippi, MS 38677, USA
Phone: 662 915-1005
Email: ncnpr@olemiss.edu

Dr. Troy Smillie
Senior Scientist, NCNPR
School of Pharmacy
PO Box 1848, University of Mississippi,
MS 38677, USA
Phone: 662 915-1168
Fax: 662 915-7062
Email: tsmillie@olemiss.edu

Dr. Larry A. Walker
TCRC 1019
662 915-1005
Director of the National Center for Natural Products Research
Research Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Professor of Pharmacology

Dr. David S. Pasco
TCRC 2043
662 915-7130
Assistant Director of the National Center for Natural Products Research
Research Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Professor of Pharmacognosy
Director of the UMMC/NCNPR Cancer Drug Discovery Core

Center for Wireless Communications
20 Anderson Hall; University, MS 38677 
E-mail: wcdaigle@olemiss.edu
Telephone: (662) 915-5799
Fax: (662) 915-7231
Director: John N. Daigle

The Center for Math and Science Education
(physical address)
1111 Jackson Ave. W
Jackson Avenue Center, Suite G
Oxford, MS 38655
(mailing address)
P.O. Box 1848
Jackson Avenue Center, Suite G
University, MS 38677
EMAIL: umcmse@olemiss.edu
PHONE: 662-915-6621
FAX: 662-915-1762

Center for Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management
Faser Hall Rooms 128-136
University of Mississippi
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677

State Data Center of Mississippi Center for Population Studies
301 Leavell Hall
University, Mississippi  38677
Phone: (662) 915-7288
Fax: (662) 915-7736

Center For Water and Wetland Resources The University of Mississippi Field
15 County Road 2078
Abbeville, MS 38601
Phone: (662) 915-5479
Fax: (662) 915-6554

Center for Health Behavior Research
Jeffrey S. Hallam, Ph.D., CHES
Email: jhallam@olemiss.edu
Phone: +1 (662) 915-5140
Office: Turner
The Department of Health, Exercise Science, & Recreation Management is an active member of the American Kinesiology Association.

Center for Intelligence and Security Studies
620 All American Drive
University, MS 38677
Email: ciss@olemiss.edu
Phone: +1-662-915-1953
Fax: +1-662-915-1957

Carl Julius Jensen, Ph.D.
Email: carlj@olemiss.edu
Phone: +1 (662) 915-1886
Office: Center for Intelligence & Security Studies

Melissa Anne Graves, J.D., M.A.
Email: magraves@olemiss.edu
Phone: +1 (662) 915-1474
Office: 120 Old Athletics
Center for Manufacturing Excellence

Center for Manufacturing Excellence
Dr. Jim Vaughan
Director of the Haley Barbour Center for Manufacturing Excellence
CME Building Room 212

Bill Gottshall
Interim Associate Director
CME Building Room 219

Ryan Miller
Assistant Director and Programs Manager
CME Building Room 214

The Center for Archaeological Research
Dr. Jay K. Johnson
211 Leavell Hall
University, MS 38677
Phone: 662-915-7339
Fax: 662-915-5372
E-mail: sajay@olemiss.edu

Center for Applied Electromagnetic Systems Research (CAESR)
Center for Advanced Infrastructure Technology
Dr. Waheed Uddin, P.E.
Professor and Director, CAIT
Associate Director - Research, NCITEC
Phone: +1(662) 915-5363 and 915-1939
Fax: +1(662) 915-5523
E-mail: cvuddin@olemiss.edu

Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO)
Dr. Lucile M. McCook, Director
Advises students interested in professional programs in medicine, optometry, veterinary, physical therapy, and dentistry.
Martindale 359

Mrs. Kara Parham,  Academic Advisor
Advises students interested in nursing, dental hygiene, radiologic sciences, occupational therapy, cytotechnology, medical technology, medical laboratory science, and health informatics and information management.
Martindale 359

Mrs. Monica Pryor, Secretary
Martindale 359

National Institute for Undersea Science and Technology (NIUST)
Ocean Biotechnology Center and Respository (OBCR)
Seabed Technology Research Center (STRC)
Undersea Vehicles Technology Center (UVTC)

Dr. Raymond Highsmith
Executive Director

Dr. Marc Slattery
Director OBCR

Dr. Vernon Asper
Director UVTC

Dr Greg Easson
Director STRC

Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute
111 Brevard Hall
University, MS 38677
Phone: +1 (662) 915-7320
Fax: +1 (662) 915-5625
email: inst@olemiss.edu