History & Political Science Mission

Making sense of the world ...

The History and Political Science Department offers classes in Criminal Justice, History, Philosophy, and Political Science that can serve as preparation for further study in those disciplines or which can lead to a degree in English/Social Science Secondary Education.

Courses taught by this department are listed in the catalog under Criminal Justice (CRJ), History (HIS), Philosophy and Bible (PHI), and Political Science (PSC).

Mission Statement: The History and Political Science Department at Holmes Community College has a diverse, well-qualified, and dedicated faculty located district-wide. The department seeks to provide a learning environment that promotes the development of informed, broad-minded, responsible, and ethical citizens. Departmental faculty are committed both to the incorporation of the most recent scholarship in their disciplines and to bringing the latest technology to classroom instruction. Academic courses are offered that, when transferred, meet university core requirements in History, Philosophy, and Political Science.