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Take a brief look at some of the possible careers for students who major in Criminal Justice, History, or Political Science.

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice AA degree is designed to prepare the student who is eager to continue their education at a four year college or university.  Some of the careers available in criminal justice are: police officer, probation/parole officer, crime scene investigator, postal inspector, victim advocate, juvenile rehabilitation, and research analyst.


A history major opens up a variety of career options to include teaching at all levels of instruction, from primary and secondary education to tenured professorship at a major university. Pre-Law and Pre-Medicine majors are often encouraged to adopt history as a minor, and both law and medical schools respond favorably to applicants who show a solid grounding in these and other social sciences.

Outside the ranks of teaching, history majors can find a number of jobs in government employment - virtually every Federal agency of any size has a historical section, as do all branches of the Armed Services, Foreign Service and other government agencies on the state and local levels. In the business world, history majors, with their writing skills and talent for analysis, have a competitive edge in hiring decisions.

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Political Science

Political Science has traditionally been regarded as the major of choice for those seeking a public office or job in the legal profession.  It also serves as a superb training ground for those interested in journalism, and is the gateway of choice to prepare one for a position in federal or state government or law enforcement. Teaching is an option as well, with possibilities for employment at all levels from primary and secondary education to university and graduate school.

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