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Business Administration

Welcome to the home page of Holmes Community College's Business Administration Department. The focus of the department is to help our students develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required to succeed in the fields of business, accounting and economics.


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Testimonial 1

I chose Holmes because the teachers worked with me within my major to make sure Business was the perfect fit for me.

Elise Fullwood, Madison

Courses We Teach

ACC 2213 - Principles of Accounting I (Prerequisite: MAT 0124 or higher or placement score for MAT 1233 or higher).
Study of the fundamentals and application of financial accounting principles that relate to business.  The topics to be covered include the accounting cycle and the accounting systems for service and merchandising businesses.  Three lectures. Three hours credit.

ACC 2223 - Principles of Accounting II (Prerequisite: ACC 1213 or ACC 2213).
A continuation of ACC 1213 or ACC 2213. The topics to be covered include corporate accounting concepts, managerial accounting concepts and internal business decision making. Three lectures. Three hours credit

BAD 1113 - Introduction to Business.
This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of business. Main topics include current business and economic environment, entrepreneurship, marketing, management, financial management, and business careers.  Three lectures. Three hours credit

BAD 1121 - Business Seminar I.
This course is designed to coordinate the various business-related student activities to the local level.  It promotes leadership and professionalism in civic and social functions which include student participation and guest speakers.  One lecture. One hour credit.

BAD 1313 - Business Mathematics
Emphasis is placed on the study of the fundamental processes, fractions, decimals, percentage, and problem solving.  The application of these fundamental processes is applied toward the problems of business which the student will encounter in the various commercial fields.  Three lectures.  Three hours credit.

BAD 2213 - Introduction to Marketing.
This course is an introduction to the principles of marketing.  Topics include history of marketing, the marketing process and the four P's.  Three lectures. Three hours credit.

BAD 2323 - Business Statistics. (Prerequisite: MAT 1313 or appropriate placement score for MAT 1613).
Introduction to statistical methods of collecting, presenting, analyzing, and interpreting quantitative data for business management and control. Topics include: central tendency and dispersion; probability; discrete and continuous distributions; estimation and hypothesis testing. Three lectures. Three hours credit.

BAD 2413 - The Legal Environment of Business.
An introduction to interrelationships of law and society, jurisprudence and business. Topics include an introduction to law, law of contracts, agency, and employment. Three lectures. Three hours credit

BAD 2513 - Introduction to Management. (This is considered an upper - level course at some universities and may not transfer).
This course is a study of basic management principles as applied to the functions of planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and coordinating with effective communication in business enterprise.  Three lectures. Three hours credit.

BAD 2523 - Personal Financial Management.
This course deals with an individual's optimal management of personal income and expenditures over a lifetime to best meet the needs of his/her financial objectives. The course focuses on the areas of budgeting, insurance, borrowing and credit purchases, home ownership, investment, taxes, and family financial planning. Three lectures. Three hours credit.

BAD 2533 - Computer Applications in Business & Industry (Prerequisite: Keyboarding Skills).
This course is an introduction to business application software.  This software includes the components of an information system:  spreadsheets, presentation graphics, database management, and word processing.  Data entry and retrieval, records management, and electronic communications are skills taught in this course.
Three lectures. Three hours credit.

BAD 2813 - Administrative Communications (Prerequisite: ENG 1113).
A study of effective principles and practices of written and oral communications, emphasizing a managerial approach for business and the individual.  Three lectures. Three credit hours.

BAD 2853 - Business Ethics.
This course is a philosophical exploration of the ethical problems faced in business and how to recognize, analyze, and implement ethical solutions within the multi-valued contexts of the various fields of today's business environment. Three lectures. Three credit hours.

BOA 1413 - Keyboarding.
This course provides an introduction to basic word processing commands and essential skill development using the touch system on the alphabetic keyboard.  Course emphasis will be on speed and accuracy when keying documents and timed writing.  Three lectures. Three hours credit.

BOA 2533 - Word Processing.
This course focuses on production of documents using word processing functions.  Production with accuracy is stressed and practice is given through a variety of documents for skill building.  Three lectures. Three hours credit.

BOA 2553 - Desktop Publishing.
This course covers the writing, assembling, and design of publications in a business or editorial office by the use of microcomputers. The course includes an introduction to traditional publishing terminology, completion of training software, and the production of various business documents and publications. Three lectures. Three hours credit.

ECO 2113 - Principles of Macroeconomics. (Prerequisite:  MAT 0124 or placement test score of MAT 1233 or higher).
The study of a nation's economy to include the following topics: supply and demand, production possibilities, monetary and fiscal policies, factors of production, GDP/business cycles and economic growth, and circular flow of market economies. Three lectures. Three hours credit.

ECO 2123 - Principles of Microeconomics. (Prerequisite:  MAT 0124 or placement test score of MAT 1233 or higher).
The study of firms, industries and consumers to include the following topics: supply and demand, elasticity of demand and supply, consumer choice theory, production and cost theory and market structure. Three lectures. Three hours credit