Withdrawal Information

Removal of a student from classes or school due to excessive absences (cut-outs), disciplinary reasons, health-related events, or any other extenuating circumstances is defined as an Administrative Withdrawal.

After the deadline for registration, no courses can be added, but a student can drop (withdraw) a course by completing and submitting the electronic Withdrawal Request Form located in My Doghouse. A student who wishes to drop a course after the last day of registration may do so by completing and submitting the electronic Withdrawal Request Form located in My Doghouse. Once submitted, the instructor of the course will be notified of the request and must continue the process by electronically submitting the student’s last date of attendance for the course. (The advisor will also receive a copy of the Withdrawal Request.) When the last date of attendance is received by the Administrative office, the request will be processed, and the student will be removed from the course.  Students who drop a course before the 75% mark will have a grade of “W” recorded on their record. After 75% of the class has been completed, students may not drop a class. Students who withdraw without ever attending any classes will have their classes erased and no grades recorded. The college recognizes that occasionally after the 75% mark, students may have an extreme hardship; e.g. an extended hospitalization due to an accident. In this situation, the student or representative should contact the college immediately so that a decision can be made regarding the student’s enrollment status.

If a student withdraws from a course/school and wishes to re-enter, the school official in charge should check with each teacher involved to determine:

  1. if the student has exceeded the absence limit;
  2. if the student if failing/behind in assignments;
  3. if the student has been a discipline problem.

If the school official receives a favorable report on the three items above, the student should be allowed to re-enter. If all reports are not favorable, then the student should not be allowed to re-enter.

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